Fine tune your running and acceleration mechanics.  Athletes will start to gain a strong understanding of body position that allows them to be efficient and most effective with each step they take.  They will also learn foot-strike patterns, what it means to hip-drive, and proper mechanics for top-end speed.  Throughout speed & agility, athletes will always utilize their core to maximize efficiency.  While increasing acceleration, agility and explosiveness, we always keep in mind safety.  Not only with athletes learn how to be quicker and agile, but also will learn deceleration and ACL preventative methods.  We always want our athletes to be  mobile long after their playing days, and our speed & agility classes will always keep this in mind.

Unlimited Performance Membership

*3 month commitment

Starters Unlimited Youth Academy Membership is designed to provide each athlete the structure needed to build both speed and strength no matter what their sport.  Members will have unlimited access to Youth Classes - Speed & Agility and Starters Performance.  Members will also receive a performance assessments to track progress and to enhance their training program.

* Month to Month Academy Membership is available for $150 per month*

Individual Class Packages

Class packages allow for athletes to move at their own pace.  Individual classes are great training option for players involved in multiple sports and don't have the ability to commit to a full time program.  A variety of classes are offered for both beginner and intermediate levels.  Our coaching staff will focus on individual needs within a small group setting.

For Questions, please contact Ian McPherson at imcpherson@mnstarters.com or 612-325-1915