Varsity Strength


Starters Varsity Strength Program is taking traditional high school strength training programs to the next level. As athletes of today are evolving, so must the way we train our athletes. Our program focuses on developing flexibility, mobility and applicable strength. Athletes will work to strengthen their sports specific movements & improve their flexibility while continuing to develop their overall strength – regardless of where they are in their sports seasons.

As mentioned, each athlete will have a program tailored to their particular sport – in-season or out-season – to keep them game ready or dominate for the upcoming season. Additionally, each athlete will complete an evaluation at the beginning and the end of the summer program to measure their results.

Lastly, our program will have an “open gym” platform so athletes will no longer be limited to a specific time to get their workouts in. The open gym times will be broken into 1 hour blocks for athletes to come in and complete their workouts starting at the top of each hour.  Athletes will always be monitored and supported by our Strength & Performance Coaches to ensure proper form and instruction is available.  

Prior to starting our summer program, each athlete will need to come in for an initial evaluation between May 21st and June 8th. Please contact Ian McPherson at to schedule your evaluation.   

Where: Starters Sports Training Weight Room
Dates: June 11th – August 31st
Days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
*Each athlete must sign-in to one of the above sessions daily before beginning their workouts*

Cost: $300

Strength & Speed Combo

Please click on the link below or contact Ian McPherson at imcpherson@starterssportstraining for more information $500 ($50 savings).

Questions please contact Ian McPherson at or 612-325-1915