To be the most trusted and superior resource for training, coaching, and educating athletes on and off the field. We mentor our athletes so they reach their full potential in sport and in life.


The basis of the Starters Athletic Development Program will be centered on the Long Term Athlete Development Model. This model puts a premium on developing physical literacy by focusing on different physical and mental capacities depending on where that athlete is in their stage of development. Putting a premium on physical literacy will ensure that every athlete at Starters will be exposed to a wide variety of basic human movements, fundamental movement skills, and fundamental sports skills. We will take a ‘movement first’ approach by putting athletes in very perception-action oriented situations that will guide them to interact with their environment. This interaction between the performer and their environment will encourage the emergence of these fundamental movement skills to be derived with great individual authenticity and ownership, as well as sport like specificity. This basis of fundamental physical literacy will provide a foundation for each athlete to build upon. We want athletes to possess high levels of creativity and adaptability!


High performance program:

  • 1:1, 1:2, 1:3 options available

  • No age limit

  • 3 training sessions per week

  • 75 minute sessions

  • Sessions will include both field and weight room work

  • Customized application of a constraints-led approach used in all training

  • Weekly lifestyle counseling

  • Monthly coach-athlete video/needs analysis meetings

Developmental program:

  • 1:12 max coach to athlete ratio

  • Ages 14-18

  • 3x/wk and 2x/wk options available

  • 60 minute sessions

  • Sessions will include both field and weight room work

  • Weekly nutrition Q & A sessions

youth program:

  • 1:16 max coach to athlete ratio

  • Ages 7-13

  • 2 training sessions per week

  • 60 minute sessions

  • All training will be based on principles of long-term athlete development

  • Program goal is to build physical literacy through various forms of guided play